Pre- and Post-Evaluation of Interventions in the Urban Mobility Space


Interventions in urban space are happening frequently. These can be classical maintenance of the infrastructure but also projects for increasing the attractivity of the district. These changes have an high impact on the human perception, but is very seldom investigated in detail. However, these insights are very valuable for evaluating if the conducted intervention actually had the desired effect. The gained experiences can be used to improve future interventions and generally help to understand what makes up an attractive urban space.



The project POSITIM aims to create a methodology how interventions in urban space can be evaluated with regards to human perceptions. Empirical data is acquired with surveys of the affected citizens. Since surveys are very subjective, we enhance our data with physiological sensor measurement. For a better contextual understanding video recordings are utilized. The acquired data is interpreted from both the perspective of geospatial sciences and sociology. This ensures that all aspects of the interventions can be recognized.


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