Music Map



Music is bound to space and time, i.e. it is played, sung, created, heard, practiced, imparted, taught etc. at a certain place at a certain time. Within the framework of the Salzburg Music Map, an extensive data collection on the spatio-temporal distribution of music and musical practices in the city of Salzburg (and the province of Salzburg) is to be created and visualized with the help of an interactive (GIS)-application.


The goal is a freely accessible web application based on open-source technologies, in which the production, mediation and reception of different musical genres can be experienced interactively at different times, in different forms and in different places. The project is part of the Wissenschaft & Kunst (science and art) cooperation between Mozarteum and University of Salzburg.


With the cartographic representation it is possible to move virtually through space and time, to discover spatial hot spots, but also white spots on the music map or to juxtapose times of silence with times of intensive music production. By integrating further data on the socio-economic structuring of spaces, such as socio-economic characteristics of the population, residential density or mobility data, the Salzburg Music Map goes far beyond a purely descriptive function and offers scientific analysis possibilities.

Project Partners

Bernd Resch(project lead)
Edhem Salihagic, Andreas Vitzthum, Jakob Miksch