MINT:labs for the Science City Itzling



In recent years, Science City Itzling has developed into a nationally recognized location in the fields of chemistry, physics, materials research, computer science, human-computer interaction, data science and geoinformatics, with strengths both in basic research and in applications. The aggregation of important institutions from university science, application-oriented research and start-ups from ICT leads to Science City Itzling becoming a dynamic research hub, with numerous interface areas between the research disciplines represented.

The university and non-university partners in the Science City Itzling are involved in a permanent innovation-promoting cooperation which will also further strengthen the perception in the public. In order to transfer knowledge to all interested people, the MINT:labs offer guided tours through various research areas led by their respective leaders. More information can be found on the
project’s website.

Project Partners
Bernd Resch(project lead)