integrated Digital Earth Applications and Science lab




The iDEAS:lab is an interactive laboratory for research-based learning at all levels, geoinformatics experiments and the general public. Equipped with innovative Digital Earth technologies, the focus is on the interface between real and virtual worlds. The iDEAS:lab offers modules that make Digital Earth research accessible and invite to actively explore Digital Earth technologies. These modules are presented in four different labs, focussing on specific target groups

  • Schools Lab: Providing Digital Earth know-how to students of different age groups
  • Research Lab: project-oriented experimental platform and university courses
  • Open Science Lab: Access to Digital Earth for interested parties and the general public
  • Transfer Lab: Cooperation with business partners and start-ups

  • Positioning: The background, capabilities and difficulties of satellite positioning
  • Spatial analysis of social media: How can my posts be used for the analysis of events with spatial characteristics?
  • Citizen Science: What do I need to build an easy to use weather station?
  • Geoadventure: Which technologies and methods are used in the wide world of Geoinformatics?
  • Visit the overview page for more modules!

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality for experience, presentation ans science
  • 3D printing for modelling of spatial information
  • Measurement toolkits for a wide area of topics, like weather stations or distance measurements
  • Bluetooth and LoRa technology for indoor navigation and asset tracking
  • Show me more technologies!