Traditional economic geography analyses are usually based on patent analyses or qualitative expert interviews. For some years now, however, digital data sources have increasingly been used to quantify and evaluate economic activities. In particular, the analysis of company websites and social media should be mentioned here.

We are working with two partners to answer these questions. ISTARI.AI, a German start-up, is responsible for acquiring and processing data from company websites. Spatial Services, a spin-off of the University of Salzburg, provides expertise in the field of remote sensing, which is an important data source in the project.
The project is funded by the FFG’s BRIDGE programme

In the DigitalInnovationLayer project, we go one step further: What is the connection between digital company activities and their real-world geographical environment? How do their virtual networks manifest themselves in space? To what extent does the local environmental quality match the companies’ self-reporting on sustainability? One focus of the project is on analysing companies that drive innovation and examining their hard and soft location factors.

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